Our platform helps you broadcast

your business, your brand or your message

to every nearby Android or iPhone iOS device within 80 to 800 yards from you.

How thingo works

We offer (direct to mobile) marketing solutions that utilize small Bluetooth devices that are pre-programmed to send ONE-WAY signals to all Smartphone.

The message the signal carries can be a link to your advertising Call-to-Action, brand, website or social medial page.

Thingo Zones

THINGO Zones: 10 or more Thingo devices in one area equals a Sub-Zone.

You can advertise across these zones and get your message heard in many different markets. 

Our Sub-Zones are expanding everyday. 

*Monthly advertising plans are available. Call for details about advertising across Thingo Zones.

Mobile Landing Pages

Our mobile landing pages are a perfect solution for branding your business on the physical web.  Your branding will be visibly clear on all mobile devices.  

We create easy to navigate landing pages that deliver your message or Call-2-Action clearly.

Analytics included below, Google Analytics available but must be setup at the beginning of each campaign. setup fee may apply.


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